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Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0026
Indications: Immune system booster.Protects from virus and bacterias. Increases ojas by nourishing all the tissues. Strengthens the metabolism. When a..
Brand: Banyan Botanicals Model: VSHS50
Supports Digestion and Overall Health and Well-being* Turmeric offers a broad spectrum of health benefits. It supports the digestive and immune system..
Brand: Herbal Hills Model: FBA9757
Ayurvedic Arjuna Capsules/ Arjuna Capsules for heart from Herbal Hills are highly effective for heart health. Benefits of Arjuna for cholesterol are w..
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS97
NATURAL IMMUNE BOOSTER  Builds long lasting immunity in children, elderly, females and adults  Immunity wall for the whole family  Protects against..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS189
Contain 100% natural products Absolutely free from chemicals, additives extra colors, fillers and yeast etc. Has all the pure herbs explained in ancie..
$110.00 $120.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS110
QUICK & EFFECTIVE HERBAL REMEDY FOR WEIGHT LOSS  Unique combination of most effective herbs for reducing weight naturally.  Helps reduce the fat and..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS130
EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS HERBAL FORMULATION  Unique blend of various rare weight-loss herbs.  Herbs act in a synergistic manner to help body get rid of..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Herbal Hills Model: FBA9177
*Organic Wheat grass Supplement Whet grass is also called as Triticum Aestivum and chlorophyll supplement. It is made from 100% Wheat grass green sup..
Herbal Hills Organic Alfala 120 Tablet Herbal Hills Organic Alfala 120 Tablet
-48 %
Brand: Herbal Hills Model: FBA9772
Benefits of alfalfa include weight management. Organic Alfalfa is a rich source of soluble fiber content, which may help reduce cholesterol and aid in..
$23.00 $44.61
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS67
NATURE’S MOST EFFECTIVE & SAFESTWEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT  Extensively researched for its role in reducing weight without any side effects.  Does not a..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Herbal Hills Model: FBA9139
Ashwagandha supplements has been around for over 3,000 years. It is referred to as the winter cherry, Indian ginseng and is botanically known as witha..
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS62
EFFECTIVE STRESS RELIEF HERBAL SUPPLEMENT  Best Stress Buster even known.  Useful in debilitating conditions, fatigue, stress, anxiety, palpitation,..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS108
AN EFFECTIVE STRESS RELIEF FORMULA GIFTED BY NATURE  A powerful combination to relieve stress without side effects or drowsiness.  Contains adaptoge..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0023
Help Nourish the nervous system and promote intellect and memory; tranquillize the nerves relieving anxiety, stress, restlessness, and anger; eliminat..
Brand: Banyan Botanicals Model: VSHS43
Promotes Mental Calmness and Well-being* Calms the mind without causing drowsiness* Supports composure and equanimity* Enhances sense of peace and we..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0031
Indications: Helps in Asthma, cough, bronchitis, orthopnea, sinusitis, pleurisy, breathlessness, allergy. May also work as Expectorant, bronchodilator..
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS83
A VERY EFFECTIVE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT FOR ALLERGY  Very effective in all types of Skin allergies and Respiratory allergies.  Combination of natural her..
$28.95 $30.00
-13 %
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS156
100 % natural products Maintenance of the three body energies. Formulated by MD Ayurveda doctors 100 % vegetarian formula Free from chemicals, preserv..
$182.95 $210.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS129
MOST EFFECTIVE ANTI-ALLERGIC HERBAL FORMULATION  Effective in chronic allergies and various respiratory tract infections.  Very effective in treatin..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS81
EFFECTIVE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT FOR COLD AND LOW IMMUNITY  Useful in respiratory tract infection due to effective antimicrobial properties.  Ursolic aci..
$28.95 $30.00
Herbal Hills Karela 120 Veggie Capsule Herbal Hills Karela 120 Veggie Capsule
-52 %
Brand: Herbal Hills Model: FBA9697
Bitter melon is linked to lowering the body’s blood sugar control. This is because the The melon may also be able to help your body retain nutrients b..
$23.00 $47.67
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0016
Indications: High Blood and Urine Sugar ,Sugar Cravings. works as Rasayana which means rejuvenator ; strengthens pancreatic function removes pancre..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0029
Indications: Balances blood sugar levels , Sugar Cravings, Diabetes Regulates insulin secretions, stimulates and balances metabolic fire, removes b..
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS89
UNIQUE & EFFECTIVE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT FOR DIABETES  Best herbal remedy for Diabetes.  Helps to Rejuvenate overall health and bring back Stamina.  Pr..
$28.95 $30.00
Brand: Planet Ayurveda Model: VSHS90
FIGHTS THE DRAGON OF DIABETES NATURALLY  Works at molecular level to restore carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.  Regulates the secretion of I..
$28.95 $30.00
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