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Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0035
Indications: Infertility, weakness, leucorrhea, menstrual dysfunction. Rasayana; decreases Pitta (heat) in body favoring normal sperm count, mobility and viability; digests aam and has diuretic effect removing obstructions in urethra ; strengthens the female reproductive system, thus reducing leucor..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS007
Anti-arthritic with disease modifying activity A Novel combination of established Generic preparations and potent Anti-Arthritic herbs Relieves symptoms and restores mobility Anti-oxidant and cartilage repairing property helps in joint tissue repair ARTHRONAV is a powerful combination of: Yograj Gu..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0021
Indications: Liver disorders (hepatitis, jaundice, liver abscess, cirrhosis), alcoholism, anemia, indigestion, obesity, splenomegaly, weakness. Stimulates liver to secrete pachaka pitta (bile). helps to Reduce obstructions of biliary channels. Mainly rectifies liver function and removes excess bile ..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0024
Indications: Low circulation, heart disease, angina, heart debility, palpitations, emotional disturbances, stress. Emotional balancer, increases blood circulation; Helps to tonify heart muscle, and removes blocks in circulatory system, regulates heart beat and reduces palpitations; helps to reduce a..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0030
Helps to Remove obstructions by scraping the Aam and Kapha in the urinary tract wall, penetrates deep and breaks up stone; rejuvenates and reduces inflammation in urinary tract tissue. works ad natural Diuretic nature flushes toxins and stones; carminative, helps to reduce Vata and rectifies its mov..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0039
Indications: Hoarseness, laryngitis, sore throat, useful for singers and public speakers. Expectorant, breaks up obstructions created by Aam or Kapha in respiratory path, improves voice, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory for the throat, heals wounds and infection of the throat, lubricates and moistens t..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS0041
Indications: Hair loss, osteoporosis, alopecia, fractures, brittle nails. Nourishes asthi dhatu (bone), promotes osteogenesis, Rasayana; decreases Pitta; prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth; decreases Vata and Pitta. (Note: A Bone tissue is responsible for hair and nail growth)During pregnan..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS001
Indications: Weakness, chronic infection, general debility, total body ache, immune dysfunction, low ojas, under nourished rasa dhatu. Regulates digestive and metabolic fire so food is properly absorbed, increases appetite, digests Aam and eliminates pitta through stool; improves metabolic function..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS002
Indications: Helps in Hot flushes, burning sensation, fever, dysuria, jaundice, vertigo, cellulites, acidity, headache, low vision, burning in eyes, disturbed vision, heart debility, too much exposure to screen, hypertension, excessive menstrual bleeding. Liver tonic, cleanses and reduces the liquid..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS003
Indications: Helps in Difficulty in retention of urine, frequent urination, stones retention, Edema, salpingitis, nephritis, hernia, sciatica, high cholesterol, lymphatic gland swelling, cyst, fibroma, uterine problems (retroverted uterus, bulkiness, salpingitis, endometriosis) and inflammation of ..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS004
Indications: Rheumatism, arthritis, pain, paralysis, spinal problems (sciatica prolapse, slipped disc), disease due to violated vata.Extremely Vata reducing, especially effective on disorders of Vata in the bone tissues, mild Pitta increasing hence it should be avoided for extreme Pitta people or gi..
Brand: Aayushanti Model: VSAS005
Indications: Helps relieving Abdominal colic, indigestion, flatulence, blocks in respiratory, mental, circulatory and digestive channels. Sluggish digestion and metabolism. Stimulates appetite and gastric enzymes and regulates digestive and metabolic fires. Reduces aam and rectifies the movement of..
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